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Why Your Insurance Adjuster May Not Be Your Friend

By Timothy Young on July 19, 2010

After an automobile accident in Louisiana you may face many tough choices.  Unfortunately one significant choice you will have to make is to what degree do you communicate with your own insurance adjuster.  Your automobile accident claim could be damaged significantly if you provide your insurance adjuster with the wrong type of information.

You can learn more about why your insurance company is not always looking out for your best interest after a serious vehicle accident by reading our article here.  Our Louisiana injury lawyers have helped serious automobile accident victims navigate the tough course of dealing with their own insurance companies after a serious vehicle accident.  Don’t make a mistake that could harm your case or even prevent you from recovering.  Contact our Louisiana attorneys today for help with your immediate questions.  You can also learn more by visiting our automobile accident web site.

When To File Suit After An 18-Wheeler Accident – It’s Sooner Than You Think

By Timothy Young on July 18, 2010

If you have been injured by an 18-wheeler in Louisiana, you should file suit sooner than you think.  There are many reasons why filing suit early after an 18-wheel accident is important if you are going to receive full recovery.  You can read our article about filing suit after 18‑wheel accidents by clicking here. This article gives several reasons why it is important that you do not wait too long or you may harm or damage your case.

Asbestos In Drilling Mud – Hazard That Causes Serious Injuries

By Timothy Young on July 13, 2010

Did you know that from the 1960s through the mid 1980s drilling mud used onshore and offshore contained asbestos?  Our office is handling asbestos-related drilling mud claims and we are offering a free long X‑ray to help individuals who were previously worked with drilling mud during this time period.  You can learn more about your free long X‑ray at  And you can also learn all about why asbestos was used in drilling mud, the types of drilling mud that contained asbestos and your rights, options and choices if you have been exposed to drilling mud which contained asbestos by visiting our site

Asbestos can cause serious cancers including lung cancer, stomach cancer and even colon or prostate cancer.  If you have been diagnosed with any type of cancer, please contact us immediately so that we can give you a free asbestos screening test to determine if asbestos may have contributed to your cancer.  This is an effort we are making to provide you with more choices and options if you have suffered an injury due to the fault of another party.

Free Asbestos Lung Screening Exam

By Timothy Young on July 11, 2010

Our office is providing a free asbestos screening test to anyone living in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama and who previously worked around drilling mud used on land or offshore from the 1960s through 1989.  You can learn more about how drilling mud contained asbestos here.  Simply contact our office so we can arrange for your free long X‑ray which will determine if you have any asbestos fibers in your body.  This test will be scheduled close to your house and we will provide you with the results within a few weeks.  Don’t take chances with your health.  If the test reveals any type of asbestos injury, we can discuss your rights, choices and options with you at that time.

This is being offered for a limited time as our office screens potential asbestos injury victims for cases we are handling.

Visit Our New Louisiana Automobile Accident Injury Web Site

By Timothy Young on July 11, 2010

Last month we launched our new web site dedicated to helping individuals injured in Louisiana automobile and vehicle accidents.  You can visit the web site,, to learn more about your options and rights if you have been injured in a vehicle accident.

The site contains excellent information including technical articles if you have been injured by an 18-wheeler as well as simple, practical articles if you have been involved in an automobile accident in Louisiana.  The content has been created by our Louisiana injury attorneys who handle serious automobile accident cases.  Unfortunately our office does not accept small, soft tissue type cases.  We believe that these cases typically result in very little recovery for the injured party.  If you have a serious claim that you would like to discuss with our attorneys, please contact us immediately.

We hope that you enjoy our new web site focusing on Louisiana automobile and 18‑wheeler accidents.  It is another effort we are making to keep you informed of your options, rights and choices if you have been injured in Louisiana.