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When a person is looking to hire an attorney or a law firm, I think it is very important that they have a good feeling about the office to begin with. It is feeling they have, it is a sense they trust the office that is very, very important. As far as what they should specifically look for in the office, I think, they should look for a large enough office that has resources to handle their case. They should look for an office that does go to court. They need to ask the attorneys how many trials have you all had. They need to ask the attorneys about the type of cases that they handled. In our office, we try to educate our clients about that. We would like to talk about the times we have gone to court. We would like to talk about the types of cases that we are handling because usually they are very significant and it lets the client to know that we were able to handle their case. Out staff is incredible with the clients. I think they really get a genuine friendship with all of the clients, most our clients stay in touch with us after their cases are resolved and that tell us that the client had a good experience, they trusted us, and they felt comfortable enough _____ to us and dealing with us even after the case was done. The Young Firm has the financial resources, the experienced attorneys, the capable staff, and I think we have the caring nature to handle any serious case. We handle them everyday and we are very happy to say we successfully handle very many every year.

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